Alcohol now allowed in curbside meal pickup in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The City of Las Vegas on Thursday announced that it is launching a plan that would allow restaurants providing curbside meals to also sell alcohol with its meals.

As part of the plan, the city will issue an "Alcohol Time-Limited Permit" for 30 days, which will be renewable based on the duration of the coronavirus situation. The permit will allow a business with an existing alcohol license (beer/wine, tavern, tavern-limited, etc.) and a food service license to do curbside pickup of alcohol with a meal.

The commercial locations will only be able to sell the types of alcohol that they are currently licensed for, City of Las Vegas said, meaning a beer/wine licensee may only offer per and wine with their take-out meals. Alcohol must be in the manufacturer's sealed container.

The city said it will wave the daily fee and only charge the processing fee of $100 per permit.

A city of Las Vegas business can apply for the permit through its online business license account. Questions can be emailed to

Permits will be processed in one to two business days, the city said. 

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